Black and rose gold for the win

Ahhhhh this fabric! Stretchy, sparkly and also easy to work with! This is my final fabric from Nova fabrics! And each and every fabric is more and more of a dream to work with! This one doesn’t even need ironing! You are welcome to do a light pressing on the wrong side and maybe even with a towel to be on the safe side. But I found no need for it! Once the fabric was hung up any wrinkles that might’ve been in it we’re gone! The stretch is amazing! And the color is divine! I tried to pick colors that were different than what I normally would choose! And that would encourage my creativity and expression of design even more so!  And it worked! This fabric looks like it’s straight it in design and has a little bit of texture to it but it’s not like it’s full-blown stripes! So it would work as a solid! And that’s how I chose to envision it! A solid with some texture!  

It’s soft and slightly silky but not like a satin! It would work great for a pair of slacks even with pockets! I think that it has enough body that it would hold its own as a pair of slacks and probably would make a really nice jacket too!  It would look great as a wrap skirt. 

But I think it would work for a girls night out or even something as specific as a formal wedding because of the darkness of the background of the fabric. It has the black background but it also has a rose gold look to  the coloring on the fabric. It doesn’t move around when you cut it so it works if you have scissors or if you use a rotary blade both worked fine. It has thickness too it but not to the point where it would be good for sweats. But I do find that it keeps me comfortably warm on a breezy day!  And like I said it would make a really nice light jacket maybe a windbreaker would be cute in this fabric with some really colorful cuffs.


 Thank you for reading and happy creating!




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