About ME!

Hi I'm Monica the woman behind Monica Rue Designs.
A bright color loving knitter, crocheter, tatter, spinner and sewist! I started most of my creating by second grade. My mother is an expert seamstress and she taught me how to sew which I followed with a good old fashioned Home economics class. As an adult I’ve found my own style and bright happy colors lead the list! I make everything myself. And even have a line of self designed fabric! I’ve designed clothing for those of us who aren’t built like a waifish model! For women or anyone else who has curves and athletic bodies! My designs have a flow about them and I like it that way! I am captivated by colors, patterns and soft fabric! I enjoy mixing patterns and making things that aren’t like what I see in the stores.  I am a lover of all things crafty and homemade.

From being a Professional Chef to caterer, Special Ed. teacher to ESL teacher. Personal trainer to Group fitness instructor. I have done a lot of wonderful things. But working with my hands and creating beauty has truly captivated me. I love the look on someone's face when they see a handmade gift or taste a dish prepared by me. What started out as something relaxing and fun to do for family and close friends has grown to the place where my handmade bags are in a local yarn shop and in September of 2018 my original knit design capelet was featured in San Diego's yarn crawl! In 2019 I had a second design and this time it was a knitted lace shawl. For 2020 my next design was postponed due to the pandemic. 2021 the crawl was back and I designed a hand crocheted shawl.

I have expanded into home décor with seasonal/holiday items to personalized banners and rugs which I hope to bring to my website in the future! As of 2020 I have hand-spun one of a kind glamour art yarns! In 2021 I added hand dyed yarns, hand made stitch markers, resin jewelry and the beginning of my self drafted loungewear to my shop! 2022 I added more resin items, clay also and more crocheted wear to my website.   What's next is anyone's guess but I am blessed to be doing what I do and to be fully encouraged and supported by my husband. Here's to many more years of doing things that truly bring me JOY and puts a smile on my face!