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  • Black and rose gold for the win

    Ahhhhh this fabric! Stretchy, sparkly and also easy to work with! This is my final fabric from Nova fabrics! And each and every fabric is more and ...
  • Silent tiger at the luncheon

    The Abigail blouse to the rescue for a luncheon in November! And a “tiger” too?
  • Gorgeousness wrapped in a blouse

    A cute girly blouse perfect for summer made from Nova Fabrics. Somehow the original post disappeared! So I am re-posting it today!

    Nova Fabrics’s blouse

    This blouse is a beautiful Recreation with a pattern that I worked out during the summer! I chose to use the gray nova fabric with animal spots on it in a rose gold! The fabric has tons of stretch which is amazing! And washes up like a dream with very little wrinkles! I made the straps wide enough to be able to put  a bra on. Even with the stretch in it it’s still has a beautiful flow and fits very nicely! I think this fabric with will also make a great pair of leggings or loungewear. It would also work very well for a fitted dress and maybe a relaxed blazer keeping in mind that it would not have the same amount of structure as a  denim type of fabric. But I still think it would be extremely flattering and has a lot of versatility!


    From and and this is lovely piece of fabric! I highly recommend it for any of your stretchy clothing needs and with the coloring it gives you the chance to have something that’s not your typical workout wear or lounge wear! And Gray is just one of the backgrounds you can have it on!

    Definitely worth you checking out to see what you like! Maybe you want a lighter color like cream !


    One of my favorite fabrics gifted to me by nova fabrics and I’m extremely grateful to have been able to work with such a beautiful fabric and wonderful people at Nova Fabrics. I had a lot of fun makes with the fabrics that they gave me and I can’t wait for the next batch of goodies!



    Thank you for reading and happy creating, Monica


  • Nova Fabric's Artist Guild Luncheon Dress

    "The fabric as gorgeous as it is, moves like silk which means it slips and slides all over creation and I was like seriously!! But well worth it to have this killer dress!"
  • Blog- Christmas 2021 fashion

    “Fast forward to December 24th. Christmas Eve, I started to lay out the oattern pieces to  I could do. I’ve already decided that the best choice would be to have the peanuts fabric be the front pieces of the shirt.”