Silent tiger at the luncheon

Hello again! As you know I am part of the Borrego Springs artist guild! And my recent creation for November was a blouse made out of satin! It is a bright, blue satin with black stripes on it like a tiger’s stripes!

I did not have a huge amount of yardage of this fabric but still wanted to make something out of it first I thought I’d make a dress but realize that it just wouldn’t work the way I envisioned. So I decided to make a blouse with a very long sash! I made my Abigail blouse. It has a subtle elegance about it and is definitely very comfortable!!! 

I wore a long black stretchy skirt with walking slits on both sides.
With my black knee-high boots and black leather jacket and black hat; fedora  of course! I love making the Abigail blouse and find that it works in many different types of fabrics! The only one I don’t think would be a good choice would be a stiff fabric like denim but it would work with chambray since that’s lighter and has a lot more flow!

 I have included some pictures from the guild luncheon. It was a wonderful time and the guest speaker was great! 

 I have big plans for December‘s artist guild ensemble. And it’s probably not in any of the colors you would guess I would wear! I plan to make my ensemble this weekend and have it ready for December 14! I can’t wait to share the pictures of the finished ensemble barring any navigational issues!

Thanks again for reading!

Have a wonderful day!

Happy creating, Monica

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