Nylon Art Batt 802

Nylon Art Batt 802

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Hand blended art batt made from nylon. 1.0 ounces. With the colors hot pink, white, black and grey. I clean the board and brush before working on these specific batts. 
*Nylon is kept separate from the animal fibers but is processed in a home that has cats and animal fiber in it. 

Hand dyed and Fiber information and care instructions.


For all hand dyed creations- Some bleeding is normal during the first couple of washes. But every care has been  made to minimize that happening. All hand dyed yarns have been gently hand washed and rinsed by me using a gentle fiber wash.

For ALL fiber creations-No bleach is advised to prevent damaging the fibers and colors. I suggest hand washing with your favorite wool wash in cold water and low agitation even the super wash just to be on the safe side. After all the hours spent on creating your hand mades; Gentle care with your special handmade items is second nature. Dry flat.


*All colors are show as natural as humanly possible. Most photographs are taken outside in natural lighting.  Please kindly note that every device will show colors differently,  also  some monitors do vary and I am not responsible for how  it looks on your device or machine. *


*All measurements are weighed/ measured and are approximately as close as possible. *


*MonicaRueDesigns can not guarantee that every batch will  be the same as the last due to the natural way of sheep,alpaca, goats and other natural fibers; each animal’s and/ plants coloring  are very unique. And sometimes there is leftover plant matter in fiber, which is normal for an animal that eats plants. Care has been given to HAND remove large amounts/pieces of plant matter.*